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God’s Timing

God’s Timing

They wanted me to rush

They wanted me to use my pen in ways that would follow their trend,

I won’t rush to prove what I know I can do

I’m in making

On God’s Timing…

See what they know is I’m the beast in training

Perfecting my skill

To slay the mics waiting,

When you rush you become quickly overrated…

I do this in secs for what takes days for delivery

Polishing the pen for Chinese connection energy

Nunchucking fear with practice and intensity

Snake slap for the doubters banking on me…

Don’t you know this is God’s timing,

The proof is me outside the pudding

Waiting for the right moments

To shine out the darkness

To get the trophy only God can give me

While I take my time to please

In God’s timing giving the best of me

In the meantime,

I’m becoming the beast in the making…

Stop letting people who not in even the level of success in the craft you’re doing to bring you down… Quit letting these fake internet celebrities or popularity groups make you feel less superior!!!

Go at your speed, you don’t need to gain confirmation for your skills… When you take your time that’s when you become successful!!! While I’m perfecting my skills, I’ll continue to give good energy however it may be and I’ll still battle bullies… shoutout to my sister that posted her Bruce Lee reel that inspired me to write some parts of this piece….

You not on my my radar for competition or your approval… Sorry I’m focused on the success only!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate those that don’t have a great weekend… Love y’all!!! 💜💜💜💋💋💋


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