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God’s Forgiveness

On your path, you will have many people judging your journey and having expectations for you without even knowing you. It’s about what you want to do and how you want to be that is most important.

Live in your freedom to be you. Some of us don’t want the spotlight or we want it in different formats. Some of us require romance, and expect people to treat us right, some of us require real friendships that have your back and not talk behind our backs. You are not wrong for having your demands! You are not wrong for walking in your freedom.

Sometimes we have to be selfish and this was a hard lesson for me… I know I’ve spoken my truths of my journey, but in order for me to write my story it’s because I’ve already healed from it. I want others to know they can still shine amongst darkness… I want to be realistic as possible because it not only helps me it helps others silently struggling. I never release anything I’m not healed from.

This has been a freeing liberating experience and I accept every lesson and setback because it made me stronger it gave me the energy to do what I want to do. Haters didn’t influence me my willpower did…

I admit I’ve been naive in situations, but every single one has taught me a lesson. I’m human and I’m growing and I’ve healed. A lot times we are judged by imperfect people who still can’t face their own issues, so guess what…DO YOU!!! Accept that things aren’t perfect and work on it with God not other people’s opinions… Always be a loving, giving person because it comes back to you in some way… To forgive people who hurt you is powerful. To accept people who can’t love you is strength…

Just know as long as you keep going God got you!!! I hope my journey continue to show you all how you can get through anything. I don’t want to sell you a false reality… Life is not perfect, nobody is perfect but you can live happily within the imperfections… The right people will see everything about you and love every bit of it…

Love you all and thanks for your support. I’m not posting as I build my team for the next mission… Instead of judging, pray for people because you don’t know their whole story… 💜🏳️‍🌈


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