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“G” Love

Happy MLK Day, I’m for also honoring the ones who fight for our communities without recognition…

Sometimes things aren’t how you interpret it… To all the great leaders enjoy this day for one of the greats…

I don’t do things for approval, I speak my truth…doing what I feel is right for me and my surroundings…

I never want to be a Poet out here just writing words to gain likes and followers. I want my soul and circumstances told…

#glove #happymlkday 💜🙏🏾👑

“G” Love

The letter “G” is often confused by many,

An abbreviation we flipped from its own original meaning,

“G” now used in reference of friendship even between women…

Some people see the word G and assume it mean gangbanger,

But my definition of a G

Is an ambitious hustler,

Someone who will fight the battles for social unity…in black communities…

Slowly they had plans to erase the ghetto, turning Chicago into being  unaffordable,

In misrepresenting our culture they set out for us,

Buying our homes for little of nothing to put up half million dollar residences we can’t afford,

It was the “G’s” that protected our women from a raping coalition,

It was “G” love that had the streets organized when children weren’t shot down defenseless…

All of this was a diabolical plan to demolish our communities,

The G’s fought to stand for what’s left of black districts, into rallies of leadership…

My definition of a G, is strong and independent

With the power of resilience of adversity,

With manners to respect a Queen even with a swing of her sovereign scepter…

A “G” represents loyalty to always stand for diversity

Humbly surviving poverty stricken conditions,

With voices as loud as Martin’s visions…

We flipped the name,

Where “G” means soldiers,

“G” love is devotion…

Surviving plots arranged to kill us,

Police officers set out against us

With killings frame to fence us,

With minimum powerful black civil rights leaders with the strength of Malcolm,

It’s the “G’s” really protecting us…

“G” being a man or dominant woman,

I’ll always have respect for the battles they won without flowers…

All rights reserved by Shana A.

Spoken and written by Shana A. ©️


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