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Follow the Moon

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

See, I love differently, so you can’t compare me…You just have to feel me…

Believing against the fear that deceives thee,

Letting my heart beat against yours…

I love because it feels good to my soul…

I love respecting boundaries, but I also love boldly…

Don’t let expiration take a hold of me,

I want to be more than an average woman serving you food and giving you back rubs…

I want to be the bridge in your spine

Needed to walk high…

I don’t want to feed your ego

I want to feed your heart…

Talking soul language

Purifying whatever damage, creating art…

Being more than a woman that you can control,

I want to give you the same heights of excelling as you can give me

Together making better versions than what each other see…

I don’t want to do what the others have done,

I want a love that’s magical

One so power that we only radiate more passion

Taking us to levels further than a trip on a frequent astral plane…

I want to be like no other couple can explain,

Massaging your mind keeping your appetite satisfied

More than the meals you eat at night,

Making quakes to orgasms you never shake

I want to feed your soul with pure untainted love,

Keeping our fiery spirit laughing even when water comes for us…

I don’t want to love you because it’s easy

I want to love you because it’s meant to be,

I will travel whatever highways to be next to you

But only if you can feel the love I have for you,

Appreciating what I can give

Without allowing negativity to join in…

I’ll follow the moon to get close to you, but I won’t make that move if you can’t appreciate that my love is true…

If you can’t understand that my love has the power to shine like the moon and that I will wander a path until I get close to you, then you don’t deserve my love…

By Shana A. ©️ 2022


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