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Finally Home Collaboration with Chyna Renee

Finally Home

It's the simple things

It's the small things

It's the sensual things that we do that make we wanna put a ring on you

That makes we wanna spend eternity with you

That makes forever wanna dance with you

That make me never get tired of coming home to you

Like the way you talk non-stop

It makes my heart stop

Like the way you scrounge up your nose when you're disgusted

You got me addicted dearly beloved

The way you wake up thinking you look busted

Not realizing that you're the essence of beauty and the reason my hearts flutters

I'm forever blessed to be trapped in your orbit and falling over your shoes

That you leave everywhere without a clue

But I ain't mad at you because I know I got horrible habits too

All of these simple things are the reasons why I love you coming home to you. By Chyna @thoughtsbychy

Finally Home

I’ve laid in sleepless nights

Submerged in thoughts of you filling the emptiness of love…

Where my heart rest homeless to a home I dreamed of…

In rare soulful touches you built my heart a safe home,

Your love is the white picket fence protecting my soulful temple,

Entangled in desires that are only transcendental…

I glide upon your welcome mat wrapped in the warmth of your arms,

Walking through French doors peeking through to the core of your soul,

Entering into a mansion of possibilities

Releasing patience into our true love awakening

With chirping love songs from a tree carved in our initials…

I can hear the laughter echoing in our kitchen,

In smiles of soul food dishes,

Evenings beginning with lemonade washing down spoonfuls of peach cobbler, comforting the passion of your spirit…

Into a calming night rocking to the glare of the moon on our porch swinging…

Cries of joy as we hear no phones ringing,

Your my pain reliever

Laying on my breasts to soothe the stress to my soul speaking…

Stars sparkling in the reflection of our eyes,

Voices harmonizing to crickets over missed times…

Love has arrived,

I’m finally home…where my soul will forever reside… By Shana A. @lesbian.erotic.poetry

Thanks Chyna 💜💋

Links in our Bio 🏳️‍🌈


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