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Final Thoughts of 2022

Final Thoughts for 2022

A friend will carry the weight of having your back

A friend won’t stand still when you need help, waiting for you to ask

A friend will be honest about their thoughts regardless of the situation

A friend won’t talk behind your back at humiliation

A friend won’t be jealous of you to the point they watch or hope for you to fail,

They’ll be the help you need when things get real

A friend will always support you even if your views in life are different

A friend will always be there, ready to listen…

There is so many elements to being a friend. After Shanquella Robinson it made me think about friendship and love on a deeper level. I’m coming differently in 2023…

The energy I want around me is support & love. Not darkness, hate or anything that don’t align with me progressing. I’m not perfect, but I’m in control of how I want my future to be. I would never want to be surrounded with the kind of so called friends Shanquella had around her…

A friend don’t hide their support of you. I want people who genuinely love and have my back. Regardless of my direction in life!

Same goes for love,

I had to learn what’s meant for me will not be happy or settling with someone else!!!

Love comes when you least expect it whether your single or involved you can’t help who you love. However, if you can’t choose love, know when to let it go…

If you truly love someone it should be made known and never taken for granted… Love speaks, it don’t stay silent, it don’t throw hints, it takes over you to the point you don’t feel whole or fully happy until you’re with that person. That’s love! No matter how toxic it could be when you truly love someone you love them and there will never be a question about it. When you lead with love you can accomplish and get through anything…

If you can’t go a day without thinking of that person it would be a failure on your part not to let them know that. Love is the last thing on this planet that we should fear… I fear being surrounded by people that would watch me die, like Shanquella!!! By Shana A. ©️

Justice for Shanquella 💜🙏🏾✌🏾 R.I.H #Finalthoughtsof2022 #justice #friends #love #shanaa #lesbianeroticpoetry


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