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Fell Into You

Happy Sunday, check out this newest collaboration. Music Produced by @werdwerkdapoet vocals written and produced by me…

Thanks Mugz for believing in me. This is just our start to greatness… 💋🙏🏾💜🏳️‍🌈🔥🎶 #fellintoyou

Fell Into You

Comment puis-je tomber

Dans votre sérénité

How do I fall

Into your serenity

I already fell

So far deep into you

A spell casted

I can no longer pretend I don’t love you

I just happened to fall

Fell so deep within you

I fell, fell

So far deep into you

I want to lay

Into your serenity

I already fell, can you catch me

Fall into my subconscious

Ease the fear

Into my light and darkness

I fell into you

Into the spaces where you need me the most,

Into your truth

Unearthing revelations that love is true

In nude I only belong to you

I have a galaxy of desires

Floating around you

I fell, fell

So far deep into you

I fell, fell so far into you

Into the depth of your inner dimension

Catch me entering submission

I fell, fell

Hard under you spell

I fell, so deep in love

Embodying the spirit of above

Consuming all of you I adore

I fell, fell right into you

Deep into the trenches

Where love grant many wishes

Awakening my soul into the serenity of passionate kisses

I fell, fell

So far deep into you

I fell

Fell so deeply in love with you

How did I get here

Into the darkness of love’s despair

Into the risks of the nights air

When it’s cold, we can

Rekindle in each other’s warmth

Tribbing to the beat levitating above

Into the sounds of truelove

I fell

Fell so deep into

Where the heart can’t be ignored

Where souls find joy…

I fell, fell

Deep inside your soul

Into your tunnel of love

I fell

So deep into you…

All vocal rights reserved and Produced by Shana A.

Music beats rights reserved and Produced by Mugz The Producer @werdwerkdapoet


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