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Favorite Color

Happy New Year and thank you everyone who has supported me with any hidden agendas. Your love and support has gotten me through so much… We forgive, we move and we grew…

I hope this year I satisfy your soul with all my avenues of love and collaborations… Love is my only interest, keep the rest of the noise!!!  May you all have a blessed year…Cheers to a great year!!! 💋

💜🌎🏳️‍🌈🌹☀️🙏🏾🥂 #happyNewyear #favoritecolor

Special thanks to @werdwerkdapoet sis I am forever grateful for you… Instead of competition you guided me… Please don’t change! Many blessings to us in the New Year! 💋

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

Music is produced by Shana A. 💜

New things coming soon…

If I told you I fell out of love with the color purple

Because black was the color you wore when I met you!

Would that express the hues of my heart…

Will you feel the pain I’ve healed from

Fall into my theory

My truth, Unblinded, away from all the eerie

Let’s turn down the noise

Fall in love with my new favorite color

Walking through the fire enacting our desires

Creating our own beams in the absence of light freed from colored discrepancies…

You’re like Black…

Absorbing my visual spectrum

Clinging on to the beat of my drum…in circular erotic directions…

You’re like black…

Tasting the drippings of my lavender,

Feening for more, with teases of being my immortal scavenger

I’ve rolled in a contrast of colors

The rainbow our anthem

Now black is my loving color

I want to thrive, unhidden, covered in love surprise

Dark skins colliding covered in the abyss of life we’ve both been hiding…

Like black…

I want live unpredictable,

I fall into the pit, of wherever love take me

Black is where I want to be

Black is who we are

Black is free

No, I can’t fall out love with purple, but because of you, black is my new favorite color…

By Shana A. ©️


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