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Fabric of Love

I love studs because it’s takes feminine masculinity to handle me… Born this way!!! Our love is too rare not to try it on… Your subconscious is what controls the matters of your desires, real love never fades so put on your jeans and claim your flames… The rainbow run through my blood, Happy Pride… 🌈 💜🏳️‍🌈💋🐆🌻👑

Fabric of Love

The fabric of our love is stitched into my veins…

I can not…I shall not, love another,

You are destined in my flames…

There has not been a wonder in my mind if our true feelings are divine…

Every word you’ve read, pulled up your legs to an infinite tight fit in your heart,

Reading my subconscious initiating beautiful art…

Turning me on by the way you love me

Indescribable…irreplaceable, how love should be…

You’re turned on by a grown woman that loves freely, why I waited for you to lead me…

Trusting me with the corona of your soul

Beyond judgment,

Making us whole…

Letting your pride take the gold,

By putting on your jeans

In feminine masculinity

Leading my hands into the rainbows of our universe… By Shana A. ©️


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