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Evolution of Queen

As a human, I’ve made mistakes on who I chose to love, allowing deception, allowing people to use me, allowing the wrong type of friends in my life etc.

I take full responsibility for it because I didn’t fully love myself which allowed people not to love me. However, my evolution is nobody can get away with treating me any kind of way or taking advantage of me or choosing when to love me…

Now that I fully love myself as I should have, I’ve allowed the gate to open for people who can truly love me…

When you have a big heart it’s important to have boundaries and removing people who continue to manipulate you or drain your energy…

Not everybody will like you, but ask yourself do they even know you. Some people can’t like you because of envy or personal issues they’re battling within themselves. We have to learn to still be who we are regardless…

In this full moon, I hope my energy allows any of you who need to let go of needing validation, the need to hide who you, to raise the voice that’s been silent, to cut off who can’t love you…

Being a black woman, so many times I’ve heard black women are difficult and hard to love because we express who we are, because we’re strong, because we know how to live on our own… Well black women you keep doing exactly that. We are strong power resilient women that can withstand any storm. I whether be a strong black woman than to be a weak woman controlled by a narcissist…

Trust me when I tell you as long as you have faith and believe, everything you imagine can become reality. Let go of what don’t bring you joy and happiness. Life is too short. My evolution is almost done and I can’t wait to share it.

Whether it’s tomorrow, next month or in 2024. I hope my story and my evolution give you the same power to know you are a warrior and you can conquer any battles in life… Everything you have read was only my beginning, my schooling, my plan, my healing… Soon you will meet my evolution…

Have a great weekend… Happy Full moon energy… 💜💋🏳️‍🌈 🌗

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