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Emerald Heart v2

Emerald Heart v2

One heart…2 beats,

The differences that make us complete…

Devotion in blood red mixed in your blue

Makes purple rain only for you…

I’ll only follow in your lead

Then lead you to a bed of ecstasy,

Feeling the night caps

In lap claps,

Where love reward you in my snacks…

Emerald heart v2

In our land of Oz where dreams come true,

Changing the color to gold

Knowing this love will never fold…

Your home rest in me

One heart of 2 that continues to beat,

Three clicks to come back

And I’m there like I never left…

You’re the Wiz of my world

I’m your Dorothy untwirled,

Like time never ticked

Erasing any doubts we inflict,

Making our heartbeats stable

To live our life in our own fable… by Shana A. ©️


Art by Kymistry @kymbery1985 thank you

for allowing me to write to your art… 🙏🏾♐️


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