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Dying Fire

Dying Fire

Flames lowering...our passion dissolving,

I’ve waited for five words so I can come running...

Love has no boundaries, our love could have spread indefinitely

A choice that you didn’t attempt to seek,

Not knowing

I would’ve fought the flames of the fire to be with you

Even if my heart was scorned

I am the fire that burns...I can handle the scars...

Naive to think I fear the fire,

The fire lives within me

I fear chasing someone who doesn’t cherish me,

I would have still had love for you anyway,

I loved without expectations but that fire has limitations,

I’ve been stuck in wildfires of the mind

Everyday convincing myself this must not be meant to be

She loves a attitude of trash

Instead of a sensual woman with class

Not the woman for me...

I’ve convinced my heart you’re not made for me,

One-sided love, a hidden secret

Not the fire and desire I was thinking...

I can’t settle for that

I praised you too highly

I deserve the same love I can deliver nightly,

Not someone who questions my love

Leaving me stuck dancing in the fire of old memories...

Now your face is fading away from my memory,

Constantly annulling my feelings

A game resulting in a dying fire

I’m blowing out the last little flames from my neglected desires,

Now you’ll never know how soft my hands would have felt caressing your body,

How my tongue creates erotic miracles having you beg for mercy,

The taste of my essence creating your cravings,

The feel of my hair awakening in the mornings

The smell of my femininity lingering in your nose

The sound of laughter from my jokes,

Loving unconditionally, building an empire

Or the taste of my food satisfying your belly...

I had to regroup, rethink life goes on

This isn’t healthy...

Maybe the universe will leave room for hope that our flame will reignite

In the future when your accepting of true love, having the courage to pick up the phone

Realizing how deeply I loved,

In the meantime I let go,

Saying goodbye to what I thought was true love...


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