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Dazzled by Uncertainties

Dazzled by Uncertainties

A part of me wants to love all of you

Heal what’s aching, add to what’s vacant

A part of me want to say fuck you

A part of me want to make love to you…

Dazzled by uncertainties

Mixed emotions…Confused notions…

I love how you know the steps I take,

You’ve inflicted feelings left on display

In your presence, butterflies came out to play…

Then I’m reminded of how you pushed me away

How you added to my insecurity that I wasn’t good enough to stay…

Lost in not knowing what’s going on with you

Left me feeling blue…now I’m saying fuck you…

A part of me still hate the distance

A part of me wants to run for the chase

A part of me said all of this was a waste,

Then I’m reminded you made things silent

Wishing I never met you…wait…I’m silent…

Then I’m reminded your the joy to my soul

Making smiles that glow, got me writing in cursive for the love you provoked…

A part me is upset that you can’t trust me with the truth

Still blaming myself for creating an illusion,

A part of me want to let you go

The idea of me not fitting your image

But a part of me just can’t let you go…

Stuck saying fuck you, middle finger straight up to you

Mind blinded by glitter, a perception you’re happy, not to interfere…

Fuck you, I’ll heal…now I’m questioning if the friendship is even real…

Dazzled by uncertainties

All could’ve been avoided,

If you swallowed your pride and let me know what’s on your mind…

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