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Dark or Light Angel

Dark or Light Angel

Which do you prefer…

The light of me rise in patience

Loving your layers

In the midst of distance,

Forgiving words that slashed

In the past

Turned on to the spells of your darkness without vengeance lashed,

Incantations that damped my lace

Loving you unconditionally

Honoring the loyalty…

Seeing beyond the vista that blinded me,

Not where you should be,

Destiny told me…

Your light Angel couldn’t move away from what’s cast

The Dark Angel battled instead…


Retaliation of the heart’s anguish

Watching in distance to the hearts suffering

Laughing tears of hidden crying

Leaving you in your mistake

Settling for what’s deceived to be fate…

Darkness fell from the sky

Words of heaven burnt in the gut of anger

Pushing us further apart

Promises broken in parts,

Responses charged off frustrations

All done by my Dark Angel…

Tantrums of speculations

With erotic thoughts that’ll punish the mental

Ripping the essence of beauty

To dirty sinister, without regrets or repents to the minister…

The art of our love losing value

As the Dark Angel devours

A combination of lethal alter

When my darkness leads over lightness…

When I ask what do you prefer,

Honor my light

The angel you met that night, the one that fell in love at first sight…

The one that can love deep into your soul,

The one that’ll never leave or have you bored,

The love that’s adored…Which do you prefer??? By Shana A. ©️ 2022

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