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Daily Wake Up

Daily Wake Up

6am, my daily wake up call,

Awakened by the songs of the Mourning Doves

A reminder that God blessed me into another day of being me…

To stand up for what I believe in regardless of the chirping opinions…

In world of judging over self-evaluating,

Even when you are hated you’re loved because they’re watching,

A wake up call of importance…

I turn on WGN News to hear the sorrows of carjackings and another soldier, child or Queen dying…

My stomach cringed with notifications of pointless hatred,

When we’re in war

Of an ongoing series of Chicago’s madness…

The world crying in “their” profitable sadness…

Taking risks walking pass windows, leaving the house for work wondering if bullets will kill the path…

Officers freed from slaying the innocent

While nonsensical bills are passed to not say GAY…

People stuck in meaningless competition,

Signing on to senseless petitions…

Wondering why she love so hard but not exposing her body parts

In self absorbing photos to feed the naysayers…

I shake my head walking to the mirror,

Privately smiling at my own reflection

Regardless of the songs they sing

I’m happy being me,

Loving every flaw God favored on me…

Freed from settling

Accepting of what I’m deserving

Not chasing after the undeserving,

No matter the chaos

My wake up call proves I’m blessed

To wake up each day loving myself,

To hear the birds some won’t hear

A reminder that I’m here…

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