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Good morning everyone, as creators we put our hardwork and effort into our stories, books, poems etc. to share with the world. The worse thing for us to see is someone steal our ideas… The best creativity should be from the soul not things made up from someone else creation.

This is why it’s important to move in silence. A very hard lesson I’ve learned. A book idea I wrote about in Passions of Love was stolen by another Author as well as poem ideas which is very disturbing and sad because all my work is mostly personal experiences.

I see so many people complaining about people stealing. I was upset to see someone I supported steal these ideas, but it just shows how talentless they are.

I know karma will handle it and I’m handling everything on my end… I won’t let this stop me. I think it’s important to raise awareness. We put a lot hardwork and energy into everything we work on.

I understand being inspired that’s fine, but to steal people ideas making profits off of it is going too far… I hope as creators for those of us who do cherish authenticity that we all stick together to raise awareness. For now on I will not be sharing any upcoming things I’m working on or when I will be releasing new things. Only poetry will be shared… This is a lesson and a blessing I will take in full strive… One reason why I don’t rush and I pay attention to everything before I start releasing my most important things. Be careful what you share and pay attention to who is following you. Not everyone has good intentions!

I wish all of you a pleasant day and happy creating and those of you who support our creativity thank you. You are the reason we keep going… 💜💋🙏🏾


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