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Coin Rampage

Oh how I’m loving me… I’m finally back to me… Unknown and carefree…

It amazing me how y’all wish for people to be down and out… Are you looking in your mirror??? I think that sick to only feed off negativity… I can post a million love poems but some will only respond to a small amount of real shit that struck a nerve…

I’ll never understood how y’all have the time to focus on other people… If you don’t talk to me on the regular you have no clue of who I am…

I’m not the usual and can’t be compared to anyone… I hope y’all enjoyed this rampage. I been want to release before the new year to move on to the new… Peace, love and good spirit to y’all… How about you stop judging and let people be themselves so we can stop the fake shit… Some of the “so called motivators” are the ones secretly battling issues…check on your strong friends… REAL TALK, because I’m all good over here… #CoinRampage #trueself 👽✌🏾💜🙏🏾


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