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Coal of Me

Coal of Me

Mostly what’s assumed is not,

Dig deeper under surface

To discover the gem…

Flawed but still valuable

Lighting a room with sparkle

Watering gardens that water mines,

My self respect is evolved within my spirituality

Walking a gradual path

Leading to what’s best for me…

Venturing throughout my journey to perfect me

The past of my trilogy can’t define the current me…

I bleed of love and romance

That’s my specialty

Insecurities that once blocked me

I fought in privacy…

I can’t be judged for my steps in life

Eyes looking haven’t dug deep enough to decipher

Examined by simplicity, not what’s underneath my surface…

Dig deeper to find my coal’s creation…

Dig deeper into people to find the diamond within… Have a great day!!! #Coalofme 💜🙏🏾💋🏳️‍🌈👑

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Purple Flames: Inferno of Poetry &

Passions of Love

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

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