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Broken Reflections

Broken Reflection

Cracked mirrors of self hate

Exposed of not having the love to cheer others on…

It’s not me that makes the core of your soul ugly

It’s not me that make you feel you need to compete,

It’s not my kindness that makes you hate me…

It’s my real demeanor I’m blessed with,

It’s the fact that my vibe flows down your spine

I’ve tantalized the subconscious of your mind

You hate the glow that I continue to shine…

It’s not me that you hate,

You hate I’m not boxed into other’s expectations

It’s the fact that you can’t break me

It’s the numbers you’re watching

that I don’t even reflect

It’s the love of the art and passion I possess

Speaking boldly of the facts of life that get under your skin…

Or maybe it’s the way that I love her while you’re hoping for that type of love…

Is it the admiration that no one can challenge me to puppet my every move

Maybe it’s the fact that I love another woman that leaves you confused…

Is it the color of my skin that you hate to see winning

Or if we’re the same color

is it how I keep transcending,

I have too much love for you to comprehend

Your hate is something I’ll never understand…

It’s your reflection of you…inner self hate…broken reflections leaving you locked out the gate… By Shana A. ©️


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