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Breeze of the Night

Breeze of the Night

Drowning in your pours,

Hoping to be rescued with your love…

Letting go of the old,

You switched up on us in discretion of dishonesty

While I was hoping you’d dry me from the storm

Hypnotizing yourself into the real me, the better me…

You watched as my pain fed your ego

Turning true love away

Leaving me wet in desires

With no plans to devour

In a flu of deception

With mind games blocking reception…

I deserve love…honesty,

At night I want to be held…while the rain pours…

I wanted to hear your voice soothing my mind

I wanted to look into your russet eyes

I wanted you to feel my cries

I wanted to feel the warmth of your heart beating against mines,

Your nipples pressed into my back

While my luscious ass marinate your center

Immersed into our passion…

For you to annihilate the pain

Stroking deep inside me,

In a change of position

Two wet clits colliding…grinding into our transition,

So we can fly…with your words of wisdom

Not hearing you playing victim…

I wanted the other flame of my soul

To follow your lead and never let go

Everything I wanted you didn’t need…

You kept playing a game I refuse to compete…

In the breeze of the night

You left our love stranded

With all the power to stop the rain

With no more hope, I was swept from your hands…

Left here for the next season,

To be taken away from the rain

Far away from your pain…


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