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Blunt as Blunt

I’ll never get how drinkers and so called people who drink wine everyday can judge a weed smoker. Where I live marijuana is legal… I don’t condone or try to persuade people to use drugs. However, if you do the research; alcohol and nasty cigarette smoke causes more issues to your mind and body then weed will ever do. Also having the mentality that your perfect causes severe mental issues… So be careful judging people!!!

It’s always important to be careful with any drugs you take whether prescription or not…

I’ve seen how drugs destroy people and

I’m thankful I’ve never used any other drugs than weed. I was able to help those who were suffering from drug abuse. I’m a healer and weed is healing… Sometimes you need to stop talking and do the research… I’ve met some of the dopest people who smoke weed that own dispensaries. I’m a proud occasional weed smoker and soon you’ll see me with my own dispensary… No skeletons in my closet!!! 💜🙏🏾🤞🏾 #bluntasblunt

Blunt as Blunt

I’m floating in my realness,

Blunt as blunts I’ve smoked,

A euphoric pleasure to ease the anxieties of the world,

It never made me want to try another drug…

It eased depression I suffered from the heartbreak of love…

I watched the closest people to me die slowly, so any other drugs is a no for me…it’s not for me to tell their story…

Weed is my only sinful pleasantry

It healed pain my mother endured… it’s a go for me…to own my own dispensary…

What you see if what you get

I don’t hide my sins

Perpetrating to be perfect

I’m as real as it get…

The devil’s passion is what destroys the body,

Bottles up organs corrupt…

I used my energy healing those who were suffering,

One blow of the tree stimulated my mentality,

When I’m in love I have no need to smoke,

For love is my ultimate high, blunt as blunts unsmoked…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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