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I feel you…On days when the sea is gray I felt your blues…

I knew you loved me before you could even see the beauty of what we our love can do…

We opened souls, pouring love into the universe we instilled hope…

Relentless possibilities, of dreams coming true,

But I feel your blues,

All this time you been missing me like a damn fool…

Wanting my loving

my kisses and hugging

Tasting my chocolate

Making me a faucet is what you want to do…

You never been loved this way,

Leaving you confused…

I know you try to protect me

With distance

It just gave us more blues

I knew I wasn’t alone,

My soul felt the love of your spirit before a proper introduction…Baby we are one!

Through owls howling til hummingbirds singing, the universe spoke of only you as completion…

Love sick,

What we gonna do,

Our souls are tired of all this blues…

By Shana A. ©️ All rights reserved...


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