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Blown Away

Blown Away

A windy day in the Windy City, I sat against the window pane watching the rainy wind blow umbrellas in the air… I wondered if my love could blow away from your hands and never return… A heavy thought of would you even miss me made my heart race. A feeling that I may mean nothing to you when you mean the world to me.

The wind leaves us in mystery of where things end up after blowing away. Maybe I loved too hard for too long, too soon, I don’t know where I went wrong. When you love without motives, you just love…

Maybe I could have fought for you, but I believe in willingness. I wanted you to feel the love I had for you. I wanted you to love me past my imperfections, so when we grew old the beauty is not why you fell in love…

I wanted you to feel my passion, so that if you ever accept falling in love with me you would understand how deep I love and be ready for me. I don’t want to force your love… Maybe I’ll end up in the arms of another woman that will value my love.

See I know love is not a fairy tale. I know there will be days love is challenged, after the romance come sadness… The reverse of rainbows after the rain… See even after the sadness real love brings togetherness. Only strong love built with a solid foundation can withstand the storms.

I can use seductive strategies but that won’t last through the wind & the rain. If my love is blown away can you honestly say you’ll be happy, will my love ever mean anything to you, will my words ever be missed, will all of these feelings be dispense…

Will the smiles in thoughts of you never exist…

If my love is blown away like umbrellas will the memories of us die into weeds to never be picked because I’m no longer fertilizing the seeds… Will meeting you be a season that ends only in pain with no closure, left with memories that’ll fade away… If all my love is blown away today, how will that affect you tomorrow…

By Shana A. ©️


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