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Blooming Waltz

💜🙏🏾💋🫶🏾🏳️‍🌈🥳 #BloomingWaltz

Blooming Waltz

When I think about love, it is you that wet my petals…

My emotions are waltzing in an empty field,

My soul stilly in lilac nights

It is you that bring the moisture to my life…

I turn right, and all I see is your dreads entwined amongst your calm molasses skin,

My lips get wet, betoken the passion of you I lust for…

I swing left and there you are holding my arm to console me

Reminding me that you’re always here waiting,

I lean backwards and there you are ready to catch me,

I sway forward, and there you are cheering me onward,

Gliding me closer to where I should be,

A blooming rose, you keep watering…

You are the soil to my soul

Without you it’s harder to grow,

I step my right foot to the left and there your are licking between my petals

You close your left foot to the right and I’m sucking up your sweet essence…

I take a rotating dip, and there you are wiping away tears,

You’re my moon and sun on rainy days

My minutes of darkness, you’re the star shining me awake.

I’m never alone you’re embedded in my soul,

A half of me is missing, living in you

Come bloom with me…

Forever keep watering me… Never letting my petals dry empty… By Shana A. ©️

In tune

Water my petal through flames of distance

I’m waltzing in a empty field

Infatuation wear off the last day I saw you when we separated in confusion then real love kicked in…


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