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Beast in my Pen

Beast in my Pen

The spotlight

I never wanted,

That’s their addiction

Gone unresponsive…

There’s beast living in my pen

They want to keep me in one category

I can’t let these haters win…

I’m writing to beats without spinning…

I’m multifaceted,

Ten times talented

I’m a phenomenon

My light never dim

I got men challenging me

I’m too busy writing stories for women coming on film…

I’m more than a Poet

I’m writing multi categories,

Check my timeline of my scattergories

My truth has been told and they know it

Again…you’ll see I’m more than just a Poet,

I have nothing to prove

My crown is unmoved,

They keep trying to disapprove

Hoping I quit

Who’s bothered…not me, them…

My ink will never dry

I’m full of supply…

I’m on God’s mission

They hate to see me winning

A woman standing on her own

Ink still penning…

After failed attempts to sabotage

They lose again

“Won’t stop,can’t stop”

There’s a beast living in my pen…

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️

2 minutes to write…you ain’t on my level…Fuck outta here… I’ll never stop!!! 🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾👑♐️ #beastinmypen


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