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Listen here, as an Author, also working a 10 hour a day job and multiple business owner. I don’t have time to create or rehearse as much as I want. I’m not the chick sitting at home all day doing nothing… This my opinion like everybody has theirs we need to read more… Keep poetry alive!

Doing videos and voiceovers are cool, but reading is fundamentally. It keep your brain sharp. Honestly most of the time you feel the passion more if you read it yourself. We have to stop being lazy… I’ll do a mixture of voiceovers, readings and poems to read. I think social media has really taken away the gift of keeping your brain sharp. Which is why so many people read at grammar school levels… Do it for your kids sake!!!

As a person who loves to read and writing books I have to promote people to read more too… #read #readabook #readamagazine #readanewpaper #readreadread


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