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Be Gentle

People will try to destroy and abuse your kindness. It’s a gift and a curse being a kind spirit… They want you to remain quiet and don’t retaliate, so they can discredit you… To be betrayed by someone you loved, supported or was friends with is the ultimate betrayal.

We have start questioning people’s true motives when they’re negative about someone or spreading hate. Most of the time the truth is so obvious! I don’t hold a grudge, but at the same time I can’t forget nor will I look past it… May God have mercy…💜🙏🏾💋✌🏾🏳️‍🌈#BeGentle

I needed to feel and see the truth for myself…


Cradle my heart,

In the center of palms like a new born baby

Protect it in the tightness of love,

Be gentle

To not let it fall…

The women I loved hurt me the most

Yet my heart still desire to love,

Betrayed, used, plotted against and hurt some more…all by women I loved…

Be gentle

I can’t take no more

My soul was created to love…

My heart revived

From trying to be destroyed,

Diminishing my character

To hold me to their level,

In a game of thrones

To not outshine

Reaping in my shine

Drinking my blood as their fine wine,

My spirit still can’t hold a grudge…

I befriend my enemies

Setting traps of not truly knowing me,

To become a lioness

Surviving sadistic vampires,

Still my heart…beat of love

Caught up in reprehensible love,

Lessons rewarded blessings

Now all I ask,

Be gentle with my heart…

The feline beast is woke!

All rights reserved by Shana A. ©️


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