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Be Authentic

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

People who steal other people’s creativity are not creators… If you’re inspired give that artist credit, same as you learned in school to give your sources etc.

The people who can open up doors for you can see if your work is original. They can feel it.

All my work came from my own stories of life, my soul, desires and passion. My work is posted in several places before hitting instagram with time and date stamps. I can prove my authenticity, can they???

Creative thieves are only left with words, no passion. They will not be successful because no one wants to work with someone unethical. Real artists write and create from their soul, imagination, their life stories not other people’s…

The people who can help your dreams come true are watching and watching quietly. Likes and comments on social media means absolutely nothing to them…

If you ever wonder why I don’t support or have blocked certain writers it’s because they’re not original...

I also won’t work with certain people because of that. Everything is traceable and no one will respect your work stealing from other people. Competition means nothing when it comes to being successful in the writing industry. If you have plans to take your writing to the next level off instagram and into the real writing world, make sure you’re being ethical. We are watched and you’ll be surprised as who is watching you… Make sure your being ethical…

I won’t be on Instagram much as I work on several things as part of my blessings and God’s plan but you can follow me on threads and chat with me…

Thanks to @soullitmagswag and @yumabugxo I wanted to share this message. They can relate as I can to people stealing our creativity. It’s not cool and trust me their work will never make them successful it will come back to bite you… Check out their pages and read their concerns with stealing. One reason I’m super cautious with who I plan to work with… To my authentic writers make sure you keep being great, follow your own journey and don’t let other people dim your light… The successful artists rock alone, look it up… 💜💋🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾


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