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Back in Time

Back in Time

Every Sunday I travel back in time

In my favorite coffee shop

Unwinding in the floral aroma of mocha

The sweet sound of jazz taking me back to the Harlem Renaissance,

Back when fashion was classy

The women were foxy & sophisticated…

Loving each other uniqueness

Not showcasing their sisters flaws

Standing beside each other

Through love and pain, no judgement

Heads held high…

No need for screening, the era was loyalty, …

As the saxophones played, I reflect the words of Audre Lorde in shattered branches of liberation.

When Langston reminded us that raisins dry up in the sun on a hot Harlem day,

Take me back to the days when love was simple, when we just loved who we loved without overthinking…

When friends stood up for each other

When women was honored as Queens,

Take me back to the good old days when life was art & love was a movement…

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