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As One

I’ve been socially connected to Sylv for a while and watched her greatness hoping one day we’d collaborate. She is extremely dope…

Thank @1mezurashii for sending me this beat I can vibe too. You are super talented and I hope this is a start to more great things as I evolve…

I’m evolving and will never be the old me… The old me wasn’t at peace and wore a mask. Now I am myself and social media will never see the full glimpse of me… But here’s a taste of me… Get to know me, for love should be as one… 💜🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾 #asone

Vocals Spoken & Written by Shana A. ©️

Musical Beats Produced by Sylv Mezurashii



All rights reserved ©️

As one

Together as one,

I lost myself staying where I didn’t belong

Holding on to what was done

I found myself incomplete

Searching for the lock to my key,

As one,

We can save the fight for love

As one,

Together as one,

I want to be one love under the sun

Rising high in your vibe

I want to feel you in my soul

With your guidance,

I am safe

Into the moonlight, we belong

When I want to escape

Your love is where I hide

Securely falling into my zone

Where love has no limits

I am myself and your feeling it,


Together as one

We are the universe’s creation

An obligation to love

A symbol of love is love

Fondling my feminine strings

Into caressing your masculinity

As one

As one,

We can save the fight for love

As one

Together as one,

As one, our hearts will beat the same

As one, our souls entwined with the passion of the sun

You are the high I want to inhale

Your smoke I want to exhale

In the craziness our love will prevail

We’re the epitome of my love

We can’t fail

As one,

I want be the calm to your storms

Watering your petals

Together on every level

The fire to your mind

A thunderstorm of essence

Mentally synced together,

As one…

As one

Together as one,

No more pain just love


As one, we thrive in love

Together as one

As one,

Together as one

Lesbian Erotic Poetry


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