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An Ocean’s Dream

An Ocean’s Dream

The waves of love, kept crashing ashore

A dying heart...Yet I keep surviving

Setting my burdens free in the ocean breeze,

Anytime I’m in pain or seeking clarity

I speak to the ocean

Leaving my footprints in the sand

Bare to walk amongst my fears,

I can’t deny that I miss you

I’m hoping my ocean dream will come true

Leading me back to you,

The salty taste of neglect hasn’t tarnished my hopes

I’m still eager to swim in your depths,

All I need is a signal

Guiding me in your direction,

Or should I leave this in the ocean

Never looking back

Letting my footprints wash away with no hopes of coming back,

An ocean’s dream

It’s time I take my power back...

Leaving it up to the universe

While living my life in this path,

Accepting whatever comes my way

I can always come back to the ocean it’s here to stay,

Now my dream is set free

It’s out of my hands, the fate of you and me...


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