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Alter Ego

It’s hard work keeping my alter ego under control… She’s my dope wildfire! I got one more week and I can finally let her out… 😄

I been working hard, dieting, cleansing my spirit and now I’m ready to adventure… Vacation countdown…Love boat…party with a purpose!!!

I will vlog snippets of this cruise, so make sure you follow me on YouTube~Chicago Cousins Traveling… I have 3 back to back trips; Cruise, short weekend trip in Miami I doubt I vlog, but I will do a short vlog of my surprise getaway in Montego Bay, wait for it…Enjoy the other me…It’s important to invest in enjoying your life!

Work hard, play harder… Lead with love always! 💜💋🏳️‍🌈😁 🙌🏾#alterego

She’s the fire of butterfly wings spawned within me, the curse of an amethyst stone she loves fearlessly…caged by a disciplined me, my alter ego is ready to fly free…

All rights reserved by Shana A. 💜


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