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Allude In Me

Allude In Me

Exude in my energy

Feel the waves from my dynamic chemistry

Allude in me...

Rawness, I’m just getting started

I possess dope energy not everybody can feel me,

High frequency...

Only the realest can vibe with me,

I don’t kiss ass to fit in

I lead and start my own voyage

I learned to stop caring how people feel about me,

I dismiss bad vibes

Not to be taken personal, I’m not for everybody

I have to protect my circle...

A circle of a loner but I ain’t lonely

I no longer have to hide

I’ve accepted who I am inside

Allude in me...

I’m the realest I’ve ever been

A girl from the south side of Chicago

Where we have to fight to stay alive,

I grew up with G’s

I feel in love with Muslims, all is well community

But I’m classy I don’t gang bang just speaking the reality,

Of where I’m from

Beautiful city but I’m jaded from seeing dead bodies,

Battling the odds of winning

Too many eyes against it,

A lesbian, making most men jealous

I can’t help it

This was my destiny

Forever a lesbian...

Constantly rising after being knocked down by hateful judgments

Too many women don’t know how to support each other,

Some will never support

Intimidated to see me soar,

They whether support someone famous but the not the person struggling to make it

Not recognizing raw talent

This world is misguided...

It don’t matter I’ll keep fighting...

I grew up in a community filled with violence

I’ve dodged bullets and fought back in silence

I don’t have to brag my talent will roar like a lioness

I can handle the pressure from wolves

I was born to stand alone

I love being the underdog....

A powerful black woman of sensuality

With standards that will reject your ignorance to protect my own sanity...

I don’t follow cliques

I’m overcoming my shyness

Taking deeper risks,

Once I’m fully evolved

My energy will transcend

Into a new existence

But some will never understand my transition,

Too busy looking at mistakes

Mistakes that made me the woman I am today

How can I regret greatness...

I’m on a journey for the world through words

They won’t take away my voice

I’m not shamed of who I am

Erotic words of love is what I possess

Your human anesthetic...

A princess that became a Queen

I’m here to love everybody that loves me

Just allude in me...

My flaws made me a warrior

My heart loved hard for the bad ones

Now I’m a woman attracting the same love I’m blessed to give


Vowing to never make the same blunders

I’m in the light

I’ve shined out of darkness,

Smoked herb to heal the pain

Life’s challenges...

Allude in me

I’m not perfect...I’m growing

My roses petals filled with dreams never to be dormant...

Fighting the demons to stay alive

This time I’ll fly

They can’t cut my wings

I’ll grow another set and fly higher,

Allude in me, I can change the whole room frequency,

I’m misunderstood with contagious energy... By Shana A. ©


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