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They say…there’s something she’s hiding, she’s too mysterious,

I say…I’ve shared enough of my business…

They say…she’s too shy but charming, sexy with intelligence

A forest fire that burns when lit correctly,

Blamed for having a big ego for likes and follows,

In all actuality I’m respecting me sharing my art though,

Did they say what they did in the course of me being me

I didn’t want to drop the dime, you see

My confidence was learned over time…

A rare exotic plant, beauty without knowing,

Choosing to love myself first,

A different type of individual

Not to be confused by a leaf of ego,

I fell back in love with my growing leaves

After years of neglect, I found my identity

Self-esteem proceeded with a healthy ego,

Not conceited…confident, grounded and humble…

The knowledge of knowing outer beauty turns ugly when inner beauty is nasty,

I care too much about my soul’s destiny,

Ego could never control what’s meant for me…

I’m not afraid to speak my mind & heart

I’ll swallow my pride for the right one,

I’ve accepted that I’m not perfect

I’m happy I’m not lost in a world seeking approval,

My stem can’t be cut simple…

I’m loving every part of my feminine leaves

Even the rough ones that define my individuality,

I left behind judgmental critics,

Taking flights incognito…

My personality is enough to feed “her”ego, a hard job loving a Leo

I’m a woman that won’t be limited by ego…My leaves are full of modesty,

My ongoing growth from my own humility… By Shana A. ©️


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