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9 to 5

Some people can’t get a job, so if you have to work, be grateful you have a job…

There are plenty of people who own their own businesses but are still struggling to make ends meet. Don’t think just because someone owns a business they are rich or wealthy. Your support keeps business owners going!

You are not “rich in finance” until your money works for you. If you love your job, work that job. If that job is paying your bills stay motivated. The real richness is in your soul!

It’s people stacking close to a million or more in 401k, so appreciate your benefits while you’re working on building your businesses. Take pride in creating income for when you retire!

Don’t let anyone put a timeframe on your success or criticize you for still working a job. I proudly love my job and the amazing benefits and ain’t nothing wrong with that…

Plenty of wealthy people can retire, but still work even if it’s just for healthcare. Be grateful! A true boss has multiple hustles to make sure the bills are paid and to live in comfort…

Never let anyone make you feel less than you are because they have a brand that you haven’t created or succeed in yet. Live for you and not for the people who live they life in comparison or in competition with other people. You are loved and needed!!! What’s meant, happens in time!

If we didn’t have people working jobs at restaurants, grocery stores, schools, police stations, hospitals, delivery services, banks etc. this world be like the stone ages, not living in modern comfort, so I respect and appreciate all workers…

Most importantly, let positive people release their love in whatever way they choose. This world needs love and to make people feel good, not bad. If you’re hating on how people love & for working hard, maybe the issue isn’t them, it’s you!!!

Sometimes the bad vibes you think you feel from people can also be yourself, always check yourself first then evaluate… Stop judging people you never even had a conversation with. You’ll be surprised at meeting someone great!!! #Workers #Realtalk #youdonthavetolikeit

💜🙏🏾💋💪🏾 Shana A. ©️


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