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5 Senses

5 Senses

Our connection will evolve around the five senses,

Not in the next lifetime but in the current tenses…

Epitomizing every point of your star…

Emitting every element of passion between us…

Patiently waiting for the right moment to see you,

In ways that’s clearer than 20/20 vision,

Lighting my eyes in smiles at the sight of you

Curing my astigmatism to only focus on you,

Letting the vibe recharge the passion

I’ve already touched your mind before your body…

In time my hands will make love to you

French kissing every part birth in August…

Smelling your freshness of the night into your morning dew…

Tasting every flavor you emanate

Satisfying my tongue in your marinate…

Humming to your moans from what we saturate

Into your words whispering I love you

For confirmation…

Exploring our sensory

Blowing out the excess smoke of you and me,

Rewarded in your 5 senses, pleasing me

Erasing the curve for an ex

Last place…Making me next

Retracting the words of hurting me

Connected to the senses of you never leaving me… By Shana A. ©️


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