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13 Years

13 years

I wouldn’t change a thing,

Letting go of love that robbed my spirit…

13 years of what love portrayed to be

I was lonely with someone next to me,

Bored from no ties of soulmate energy

Loneliness led to light that shines my soul, stealing me away from her darkest moments…

Loving a stranger, an enemy held me prisoner

No compassion or appreciation just a bad listener…

13 years of breaking my spirit…

Competing with the partnership that gold could never merit…

Rescued from love ripping the light of my soul

You came along filling the emptiness of my void,

Forgive me for taking time to rebuild me

Loving myself to ensure this is the real thing,

Now I feel you deep in my spirit

Smelling your passion, lingering, craving my presence

Giving new meaning to the word love

Helping me see clearer…my worth,

A diamond hiding in a cave surrounded by killer monkeys

You sustained the Congo setting me free

I’m forever grateful God led you to me,

Swathed in confusion, you were my thrust

I shall never feel lonely, even when miles part us…

Freed from 13 years and I couldn’t be happier… The best to do after leaving a bad relationship is to spend time with you and relearning yourself with growth and love… I would whether he alone than to settle where my spirit isn’t happy and alive in meaningful love… Maybe one day you’ll see just how grateful I am to have met you… 💜💋🏳️‍🌈🙏🏾 #13years

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