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Lesbian Erotic Poetry LLC

     Shana A. the Creator, Author

  Songwriter & Poetess

Welcome to the official website for Lesbian Erotic Poetry. My newest book Sapphic Kweenpins is available now. Also on Audible! Check out my Spoken words on Apple Music, Amazon Music & Spotify under Shana A. Poetess…

Sapphic Kweenpins is a story about three androgynous lesbians that start their own drug selling dynasty on the Southside of Chicago. These unique sapphic dominate women were tired of the men making all the money, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. This book is realistically suspenseful. Reading this book you will indulge yourself with heated erotic moments, passions of love, a sisterhood allegiance and sporadic action through out this book… 

Check out all 4 of my books Passions of Love, Purple Flames: Inferno of Poetry, Watering Flames and my newest book Sapphic Kweenpins all are available on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, Kobo, Apple iBooks & Barnes & Noble… The links to purchase my books are listed below. Email me for autographed copies… 
Also I launched my new L.E.P Fashion line, check out my links or Linktree to access my shop… 

PLEASE VISIT MY BLOG SECTION FOR ALL MY LATEST WORK... Please follow all my social media page links…🧿

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Purple Flames Series


Purple Flames: Inferno of Poetry is part one of a two part book series. A combination of a novel and poetry telling a story of lesbian twin flame love… A story of a blooming romance burning of desires, walking through the walls of fire. This book has passion, love & eroticism. The story behind realistic lesbian love. In between the story, lies the poetry. The main character is the aura of a beautiful rose growing as she fight her fears and follow her heart to love and new beginnings. 

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Watering Flames

Watering Flames is a realistic lesbian romance. The conclusion to my first book; Purple Flames: Inferno of Poetry. This book is a novel and poetry with a combination of fictional and a nonfictional storyline. This book is filled with passion, intimacy, love, pain and a heartwarming ending… This lesbian erotic fairytale is a roller coaster of emotions and poetry. Highlighting the journey to get to true love. The trial and tribulations of sacrificing to receive what’s deserving… A rare love story… 

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I’m a Chicago Lesbian Erotic Author, Poet and Host of my show Greatness with Greatness on IG Live... 

I created the idea to write novels and poetry together. All my books are a combination of poetry and the story between the lines of poetry... 

I’m a versatile writer, my genre vary from love, motivation, erotic poems, songs & short stories. I have an urban exotic style to my poetry which is my uniqueness. I want my writings to influence people to read more poetry and be able to relate, feel and visualize my words... 
My Greatness with Greatness show is my live sessions on IG Live to introduce and interview other talented Authors, Writers & Poets in the LGBTQ community & LGBTQ supportive Entrepreneurs. I’m here to share my vibes with the world through my writings and make songs for upcoming artists. Most of my writings are posted on my Instagram page @lesbian.erotic.poetry, allpoetry/ShanaA and posted daily in my blog section. Check out and follow all my platform links. I also have a travel vlog on YouTube showcasing living poetry through travel with my cousin. Please subscribe and watch our cultural journey around the world.
To travel the seas is living in adventure~ Shana A. ©️
If you want me to attend your events please inbox me. Signed copies of my books are also available…

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Passions of Love

Passions of Love tells a story about facing all the elements of love and self discovery. This book is filled with passion, tears, romance, pain, eroticism, and self revelations. A mixture of my poetry and the novel telling my story between the lines of the poetry... Now available!!!

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Rainy Days 

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Love Me Like Poetry

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Scent of a Woman 


Shana A. 

Ghostwriter, personal greeting cards, poems, songs and spreading love… 

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